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The Bad Little School-boy +008 by SissyDemi The Bad Little School-boy +008 by SissyDemi
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I liked how Chris' crying face came out in this.

Looking back, I probably could have added a panel or two about "awww, the sissy boy is crying" or "You'll ruin your make-up!" As it is, this ends the first arc of the cartoon. The next arc picks up the next day and the humiliations continue ... and grow more intense.

A few panels ago I alluded to a contradictory event in relation to the one teacher telling me to go clean off the make-up the girls had put on me because it was "ungodly for a male to look like a female."

Her statement did not jibe with two punishments the school allowed, if only for a few months before someone but the kibosh on them. I ran afoul of both ... though one was intentional. (I'll write about that one in a few panels, as it "ties" in with the scenes then. *giggle*)

The unintentional punishment I endured had to do with hair length.

In this particular religious school, dress code was strictly enforced, and part of that was hair length on boys. It could not touch our ears, could not touch our collars, could not touch our eyebrows, sideburns could only be a certain length ...

Failure to comply gave you a warning, followed by a call to home, followed by ... a unique punishment meant to humiliate the boy into complying.

Boys found to be in constant defiance of the hair codes were subject to having ribbons, bows, and/or barrettes placed in their hair.

I had seen only two boys endure this punishment before my own hair was bedecked with girlish adornments. One boy was made to wear a god awful tatty, green-plaid bow because his hair was below his collar; the other had some pink plastic barrettes placed in his to keep it from covering his eyebrows.

Both had haircuts the next day ... the hair bow boy was crew-cut!

At the time I used to brush my hair to the side, across my forehead. Length was never a huge issue because my mom owned her own beauty salon and I would get regular cuts every few weeks. Well, she had major surgery on her stomach and my dad worked on-call 7 days a week managing a traffic control company. For almost two months I was without a cut, and my hair was pretty shaggy by then. (It did and does grow exceptionally fast, and thick!)

I got the warnings, but never got a haircut. My hair was over my ears, even brushed back, it was hitting my collar, and even brushed to the side, it was falling down over my eyes on occasion. I was called down to the main office and even though I was near sobbing about why I hadn't gotten a cut yet. I wound up with an Alice band, red and black checkered with a matching fabric bow on the side, placed on my head to hold my hair back. Two metal clips were used to hold the hair off off my ears, but they were almost invisible in my dark hair.

I was mortified. Most of the kids were snickering, a few made comments. Boys and girls. The worst was PE. The damn thing kept slipping playing basketball. (The kids in that class were laughing, but good natured ... probably because I was good at basketball and they wanted me to play on their teams! hehe)

Well, I turned in the head band and clips after school, went home, and told my mom what happened. She called the principal and chewed him out, saying she had told them the reason why my hair had not been cut and that it would be done as soon as possible, there was no reason for them to do to me what they did.

I didn't get a haircut until that weekend. (I had to ride my bike 6 miles to one my mom knew, even though I am sure others were closer.) I did not have to wear girls' hair accessories the rest of that week. And, only a few weeks later the punishment was stopped with only a couple more boys having to undergo the humiliation.

The school changed to suspension until corrected after the second home phone warning.

You would have thought a different humiliation punishment used the very next year would never had happened ... but it did. And this one I intentionally provoked!

But, I'll talk about that one in upcoming panels. ~.^
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CharlotteKitsune Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
Hey just keep it long and if any one gives you shit about it at least you had the balls not to cave in ^.^
eleventhdr Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
see i told you the girls are going to win over all of our silly boysish prttest they are going to amke us all into little girlies as we should be!
Mabak Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Student General Artist
You have the wrong next link *giggles* it goes to the page you get after submitting the deviation. great story so far ^^ loved it as much as i did when i first read this part
SissyDemi Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oops! Fixed now. Thanks for the heads up!

Glad you are (re)enjoying it! ^^
Mabak Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Student General Artist
I am ^^
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011
Make up never looks attractive to me for some reason. I prefer ladies who look natural.
SissyDemi Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I prefer a more natural look to garish, myself. But over-exaggeration can be a strong tool when feminizing someone. :3
frosen-leaf Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011
ahh I'm almost jealous of you, I wish I had gone to such a school.
all my school had was a place where you could play house. I and my two best friends used to play there, I took the role as the daughter and I was wearing a pink corset over my clothes. it was very sexy and I think today it was strange that someone put it there, but I was only 7-9 years old and I didnt know what it was just that they were girl clothes. this is probably the first time I cross dress and I was caught once by a teacher I didnt know (she laught), but worst of all was when I was playing and my mom came to pick me up, there was no lock on the door but we used to wedge it with a wooden horse. In any case, so I wore the corset when my teachers tried to open the door. He said that my mother had come and that I should get out. I was afraid that he, my mother and all my classmates would see me in the corset so I started yelling "wait wait". but my teacher just started to yell "come out now" and pulled and puched the door. Again I shouted "wait" and now everyone wanted to see what was happening so they were also waiting outside. I thought "Now they may all see me dressed like this" but I got lucky and got out of it before they came into the room. my mother and my teachers at the same time said" what are you doing in here "and I, who just escaped something that could become the most embarrassing moment in my life, just smiled and said "nothing"=) =) =)
SissyDemi Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Yeah .. a corset in a dress-up box for kids. Too funny. I can imagine how you would have felt being caught in it.

One of my earliest memories of wanting to crossdress was when I was 5 in kindergarten. We had a dress-up box, and there was this gold froufrou dress in it, sort of a cross between a fairy outfit and a princess dress. I wanted to wear it so bad, but didn't know why, and was scared because I was afraid everyone would laugh if I did. I took it out of the box and into a stairwell once, but never put it on. One of the nuns found me a few seconds later and too kit from me saying, "Oh, this is for little girls, not little boys. Go get a cowboy costume." (Or something to that effect, but she didn't laugh or scold.)

And, in 1st grade, "Land of the Lost" was a favorite TV show of we boys, and we would play it. I always wound up playing Holly. No costumes or anything. It was that or Chaka. ROFL.
frosen-leaf Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
the thing is that the corset was the only thing in the box that was fun to wear, everything else was old lady skirt (super boring) and old shirts.

and after they entered the room and wondered what I did and after I answered "nothing", I got scold by my teachers about how dangerous it was to wedge the wooden horse under the door handle and how it could have exploded in my face. but I dont see how it would have happened.

unfortunately, my friends and I was only playing games such as "Jeep Adventure" and "alien conspiracy" we invented our own games. =)
they were fun, but there were no female roles to play
SissyDemi Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, exploding wooden hobby horses ... the bane of grade schools everywhere. ;p

Alien conspiracy? X-Files for grade-schoolers? My generation mostly seemed to play Sid and Marty Croft stories. lol
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